Northwest Passage Dance Camp
Labor Day Weekend, September 2 to 5, 2022

Camper Info

Safe Dancing and Covid Policy

We strive to have an inclusive and safe environment for all people, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. If you experience or see anything questionable, please let an organizer know.

You can see our detailed Covid rules and information, but in a nutshell, attendees must

Thanks for helping to make our dances a safe and welcoming space for all!
Why fragrance-free dancing?

Northwest Passage Dance Camp is fragrance-free in order to allow those dancers in our community who have chemical sensitivities to enjoy the dance weekend. Please do not bring or use products which contain fragrances, such as: deodorants, perfumes, aftershaves, and colognes. We provide fragrance-free shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap in the bathrooms and shower facilities, and hand sanitizers at the sinks by the dining hall. For other personal items, please bring fragrance-free varieties or refrain from use during camp (ideas and suggestions on the website). Thank you for making Northwest Passage comfortable for all of our dancers and musicians.

How can I help?

Our residential dance camp is a community creation where campers come together to dance, eat, and commune with each other in a collective setting.  It couldn't take place without the generous contribution of time and energy by all.  Campers are expected to volunteer for “camp jobs” or “chores” during the weekend, so that Northwest Passage will continue to be a rich and joyous experience for all.  Be sure to sign-up on the sheets near the entrance to Fanning Hall when you check-in.  Thanks for pitching in!

Some of our campers fly or drive great distances to be part of our camp experience.  Those who fly still have to go the 50 miles between the airport and camp.  Help your fellow campers by becoming a “transportation angel”.  Go to our Facebook group and offer to help each other with carpooling or shuttling between the airport and camp.

Some folks have a lot of stuff in tow between bedding, tents, instruments, clothes.  If you see someone in need don't hesitate to help your fellow campers with schlepping.  See a free luggage cart?  Help bring it down to the check-in area closer to the cars.

What should I bring to camp?

What should I NOT bring?

How much parking is there? Should I drive on my own vehicle?

PARKING IS LIMITED - CARPOOLING STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. The Kiwanis campsite recently reduced the size of our already limited parking area.  Check the camper roster sent to participants to find folks in your area and look for carpool opportunities.  We encourage you to car pool to camp – It is fun to travel together and fewer cars means everyone parks onsite.  Our parking coordinators will thank you.  You can also post requests or offers to carpool at our Facebook group.

Can I bring my RV or sleep in my car?

The Kiwanis campsite is especially limited for Car-camping or RV spots, especially if you need hook ups (at last check there were only 3 for the whole site).  If you’re a Car or RV camper, or just driving an oversized vehicle, be sure to contact us to avoid surprises at camp, or having to park offsite.

When can I show up on Friday?

Early arrival is only by special arrangement with the registrar for those setting up camp (there are no early "slicer/dicer" positions working in the kitchen this year).  Contact us if you are interested in these limited positions.

No matter what time you arrive, let the parking crew assign your parking place (no self-park please) - especially if car/RV camping and proceed to Covid testing.

Tenting campers may arrive at 4:00pm on Friday for Covid testing.  Afterwards, proceed to Fanning for check-in where they can select a specific private or platform test site, and then get/haul their equipment up and set up their tent site.

Car/RV campers may arrive at 4:00pm on Friday in order for the parking crew to assign your parking place.  Once that's done, proceed to Covid testing and finally check-in.

Lodging campers may arrive at 4:30pm on Friday for Covid testing.  Afterwards, proceed to Fanning for check-in, and finally choose a bed and unload your stuff in the location as per your building assignment.

How will Covid testing work?

Covid testing opens at 4:00pm at tables near the entrance to Laurel Lodge. Please do not try to arrive sooner – you won’t be allowed onsite.

At the Covid testing areas, please follow these steps:

The Covid testing area is staffed from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. If you cannot arrive by Friday 8:00pm, contact the NWP registrar so we can meet you, do Covid testing, and check you in.

How will check-in work?

Check-in should be at the table by the entrance to Fanning Hall.  Do not try to check-in if you have not been through Covid testing.

At the check-in table, please follow these steps:

The check-in area is staffed from 4:30pm to 8:00pm. If you cannot arrive by Friday 8:00pm, contact the NWP registrar so we can meet you, do Covid testing, and check you in! 

What camp facilities should I be aware of? (see also camp map)

A variety of accommodations are available for use at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. Included are dorm-style cabins, platform tents, and private tent sites. NOTE: tenting locations are very limited.  Make sure you registered as tenting to ensure spaces are available at check-in time.

Indoor sleeping accommodations are grouped as women only, men only, co-ed, and families with children. There will be some limited space for small campers or travel vans. Like we said earlier, large RVs are difficult to accommodate.

Restroom/shower facilities are available in each building and in the nearby bathhouse for tent campers.

Fanning Hall will be the site of dances, meals, and workshops.  Additional workshops will be held in Laurel Lodge and Cy Lodge, each a short walk from Fanning Hall.

There are hiking trails from Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp into the forests of Mt. Hood.  There’s more information about them on the Kiwanis website.

Are there safety issues to be aware of?

By late summer and early fall, the Mt. Hood area will be an elevated fire hazard area.  Absolutely no smoking, candles, or other flames are allowed in any of the buildings or outside on the grounds.  Smoking is allowed only in your car with windows rolled up. (Yes! In your car with the windows rolled up.)

What if I need to cancel?

If you must cancel, we will refund you admission monies, less a cancellation fee if we cannot find a replacement camper.  Please do not find your own replacement. We will fill your place from the waiting list.

Up through August 11, the fee is $35.  From August 12th to August 27th, the fee is $150.  After August 27th, your entire admission may be forfeit.  Covid related cancellations will receive a full refund. 

How do I give feedback about camp?

As we reach the end of camp, we really want to encourage you to give us feedback on the evaluation forms we make available.  Please take the time to provide the kind of information you would want to know if you were running camp.

On the middle of the form we have a quality rating chart and we ask that if any score is less than perfect, please make suggestions of what you would change to improve that score on the back of the form.  Those details will make it more likely that we can actually do better.

When does camp end?

Camp ends Monday after brunch and the final dance party (roughly around 1:30p), in time to drive home before the traffic gets really heavy.