Dances Done

2024 NW Passage – Dances done

Dances Done List

Here are the list of dances done at all the workshop sessions and evening dances (well, at least as much as we were told by the callers):

Friday night – Gene with Alchemy
Enfield Wash
Early One Morning
Leah’s Waltz
The Bishop
Health to all Honest Men
Astonished Archaeologist
Monterey Ploughman
Friday night – Melissa with The Whoots
Leslie’s Valentine
Trip to Kilburn
An Early Frost
Gold for the Mahieus
Jaque Latin
Saturday morning 9:00a – “She Favorites” – Gene
Pluck Me A Fig – Anna Rain
Moonflower – Susan Kevra
Banish Misfortune – Jenna Simpson
Ties of Love – Jenny Beer
The Leap of Faith – Orly Krasner
Saturday morning 10:30a – “Melissa’s Dances” – Melissa
How Can I Tell You?
The Wine-Dark Sea
Saturday afternoon 1:15p – “Dances Outside the Box” – Melissa
Merry Conceit
Peace and Plenty
Cupid’s Revenge
Eggshell Whimsey
A Southerly Breeze
Set for Spring
Saturday afternoon 2:45p – “Music Made Visible, Part 1” – Gene
Red House
Apollo’s Hunt
Fast Packet
Zither Man
Indian Princess
Saturday night – Melissa with Alchemy
The Farmer’s Joy
Mr. Ganiford’s Delight
Sally in our Alley
Walpole Cottage
Rain on the Roof
Flora and Phoan
The Webmaster
Saturday night – Gene with The Whoots
Well Done Jack
Bonny Cuckoo
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Ponderosa Pine
Kneeland Romp
Muriel’s Measure
Sunday morning 9:45a – “English Breakfast” – Melissa
Jack’s Health
Come with Voices Singing
The Haymakers
Heather Towers
The Prince of Westborough
Kensington Court
Sunday morning 11:00a – “Music Made Visible Part 2” – Gene
Hole in the Wall
Peter and Peggy
Irish Lamentation
Rich Delights
Round About our Coal Fire
Sunday afternoon 1:30p – “Mad Robin and his Friends” – Gene
Mad Robin
Lover’s Knot
Manhattan Clam Chowder (contra)
Steel Anniversay Reel (contra)
Sunday afternoon 2:45p – “Early Music in ECD” – Melissa
Woodstock Park
Gene’s Gambol
Frozen Fire
Kill Him with Kindness
Sunday night – Melissa with The Whoots
Mendocino Redwood
Mile of Smiles
St. Margaret’s Hill
Young Widow
Rebecka Ridinghoode
The Dancing Wife
Sunday night – Gene with Alchemy
Sapphire Sea
Terry’s Triad
Leather Lake House
Sir Watkins’ Jig
Never Love Thee More
Monday – “Requests” – Gene & Melissa
The Hop Ground
Key to the Cellar
De’il Take the War
Trip to Provence
Mary K
The Potter’s Wheel
Severn Bore
Rich Delights
Hambleton’s Round O
Chocolate Equation
Ties of Love
Barbarini’s Tambourine
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